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Why Would Anyone Meditate?

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"Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit" ~ Jeremy Taylor We are on the verge of a huge leap forward for humanity. In fact, I am convinced that we won't even recognize ourselves on the other side. But, I am not naive. It is not a given. We have come to a precipice in human history and we will either fall into extinction or grow wings of angels.There doesn't seem to be any neat (or safe) middle ground.The flowering of human consciousness can't be forced. But, like all flowers, while we cannot control whether they will grow or into what, we can give them a hospitable place to do just that.

Meditation Immersion

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"If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk. You breathe when you stand. You breathe when you lie down." – Ajahn Amaro It's amazing really. I have taught meditation for a couple of decades and been practicing way longer. Yet I have never taught a class at MasterHeart Institute focused specifically on meditation. It is, after al, a part of everything I teach. I incorporate it into absolutely everything.And there is an ever increasing interest in it as a cure for many modern ills and ailments. Not the least of which is stress and distraction. So I thought it was time. Meditation Immersion The Flowering of Human Consciousness A 4 Day Only Intensive / Retreat Starts August 17Runs Every Other Day Until August 23DAY 1 IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER Here's the [...]

Being Lovable

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"People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross I don't normally do things that have to with a person's body image or weight. But I was asked to by several people. And especially to do something using meridian Tapping or EFT. When it comes to helping people alleviate suffering I DO take requests..We humans have always cared about how we look and have done what we can to adorn ourselves and "be attractive".  But never before in human history has it been so distorted and manipulated. We are inundated with over photoshopped images, creating totally unreal expectations around beauty. This is, of course, way worse for women but it is increasing daily for men as well. The diabolical thing [...]

A Gentle Reminder

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"Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy that we can scarcely mark their progress." Charles Dickens If you are reading this message then slow down. Take this in. Don't hurry past it. Your value is inherent. It has nothing to do with the roles you serve, the things you do, the things you accomplish or the things you have. It has nothing to do with things. It has everything to do with you We don't stop very often to just experience wonder The beauty of a flower The refreshment of a cool breeze A laughing child An effortless moment But even ore rarely do we stop and marvel at our own existence. For whatever reason we not only exist [...]

Official Chakra Guided Tour

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There was a bit of confusion among people that I was my announcement was about a book. IT'S A LIVE WORKSHOPMy bad really. I named it guidebook, thinking it was clever and would be instantly understood. Especially since I just release a book "HEALING AT THE ROOTS" (If you don't have a copy you can GET IT HERE).So the upcoming workshop on Wednesday the 19th at 2pm (eastern) is a workshop not a book.I made a new video to explain it better. I hope I got it right this time.PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WATCHAs always the workshop will be recorded and the replays made available shortly after.I hope to see you there... at the workshop... not in the book... P.S. THE OFFICIAL CHAKRA GUIDED TOUR,  a brand new workshop, makes the Chakras a highly practical map to your soul. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

There Are No Questions in the Stillness

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After doing an interview for an upcoming workshop, Kai the interviewer and sponsor of the event ( asked me some questions. So we kept recording and did a little private satsang Kai Cole is the founder of Kai Society, a PR and Marketing firm in New York City and partner in the New Hampton Organic Farm (a.k.a. The Healing Farm) P.S. THE OFFICIAL CHAKRA GUIDEBOOK,  a brand new workshop, makes the Chakras a highly practical map to your soul. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

The Unseen Background

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"God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, 'Ah!'" ~ Joseph Campbell The universe is filled with metaphors. The entire universe is like a giant animation, emanating from and embodying its essential nature. The nature of God. There are few metaphors that capture this better than the light. Pure white light (which is light completely unreflected or divided) is totally invisible. And yet, everything that is seen, partakes of its nature.   Color is not in any object. Color, form, contour, shadow, gradation are all attributes of light. And light itself remains unseen and unseeable. This is the nature of The Unseen Background, the background of the Divine. P.S. The entire 2 hours, Deep Dive Workshop is now available on video and audio "The Christian Mystic" CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Truth Awakens to Itself

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Imagine you are asleep and having a wonderful dream. In the dream you do all sorts of incredible things. You are even taller, richer and more beautiful than your "normal". Does that one you are in the dream wake up? Or does that one disappear with the dream? We assume somehow that who we believe ourselves to be, right now, is going to to "wake up" to their true nature. But, if this really is a dream, then the guy in the dream doesn't wake up. And, the one who is dreaming? Well she may bear no resemblance to the dream character. So who is it that is dreaming? That is the question to ponder. The one who does wake up and starts to speak to those of us who remain asleep we call the mystic, the prophet, the sage. But is it not the destiny of every [...]

God and the Dangerous Mystic

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The true mystic is dangerous. That is, they are dangerous to assumptions and the status quo. But, let's face it, those assumptions have not delivered on their promise. That is pretty much self-evident. The mystic tells the truth to power. In some cultures they called them prophets but the reality of them is the same, no matter the name. They go beyond the vested interests  and entrenched ideas and systems and plumb the depths of being in the name of truth. The truth that is subordinate to no position or power. And they find it. But it is inevitable, when they return from their deep inquiry with their boons of wisdom and insight, that those insights vary so radically from the structures of entrenched power that they are dismissed, marginalized and sometimes meet rather unpleasant fates. None the less, they remain committed to truth. Which is, of course, [...]

The Great Mystery

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The great mystery is nothing other than ourselves. And it is a mystery, not because it is unknowable to us but it is unknowable to our minds. The dualistic, object/subject, descriptive nature of thinking and analysis blinds us to the obvious and hurls us into a conceptual world. That is, a dream world. We really should consider whether or not all this accumulation of discursive knowledge has actually brought us what we are seeking. Clearly, if that held the key to happiness and peace, we would have realized it by now. But we have not. In fact, it has brought us to the brink of mass extinction. Time for a fresh approach, wouldn't you agree? P.S. Exploring the Great Mystery Within is the theme of my new workshop "The Christian Mystic"  Join me as we explore the wonder of the mystic life, buried right in our own culture's stories. CLICK [...]