Has all this external knowledge produced happiness, contentment or an equitable, kind world?

We really should consider whether or not all this accumulation of knowledge and the technology to store and retrieve it has fulfilled the great promise.It’s not that I have anything against  technology, far from it, but clearly, if that held the key to happiness and peace, surely we would have realized it by now.

We are missing something, don’t you think?

We have even applied this gathering of objective knowledge to ourselves. Trying to know ourselves in the same way. Again, happiness and peace, eludes still.

Enter the Mystic

In this video I made this morning I suggest a different approach to knowing ourselves. Knowledge based on an inner experience.

While historically, the mystic has been characterized as someone a bit off, dressing funny, surrounded by esoteric books.

In fact, the mystic is anyone who decides that the answers to life’s mysteries lie within.

And turning within, the actually find answers. Or rather, the answer.

And what is that answer? Well… it’s you!

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