We see the world, each other and ourselves through a distorted lens… the lens of belief.

It is our beliefs that color everything we see and experience and so it is our beliefs that blind us to the truth.

But this truth I speak of is not objective knowledge and it is not superstition, based on the authority of some system of thought, however time honored.

My deepest desire is that we we come to have a sense of inner authority. An authority that can only arise out of a trust in the legitimacy of our own experience.

But… we also have to have a sober acknowledgement of enormous capacity to be self-deceived and how easy it is to fall into some, limiting, self-diminishing belief, without even realizing it.

Is there a way out of this? Is there a way to know truth?

Yes. We merely have to refer to that which is undeniable, self-evident and self-confirming.

And what is that?

Your very being.

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