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Awakening the Mystic

Has all this external knowledge produced happiness, contentment or an equitable, kind world? We really should consider whether or not all this accumulation of knowledge and the technology to store and retrieve it has fulfilled the great promise. […]

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The Christian Mystic

Over the years I have gotten a lot of questions about God and religion. Many people say “I am spiritual but not religious”… and for good reason. Religion as blind belief is one of the most destructive things on the planet. (Actually ALL blind belief is!) But that is NOT really religion. […]

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Change Is Good?

Change is the only constant. Paradoxical and true! If I could sum up the essence of the teaching that facilitates the most peace and […]

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The Mom God

We have been dealing with the Dad God for several thousand years now. Picturing divinity as essentially male has wreaked havoc […]

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Belief and Experience

We see the world, each other and ourselves through a distorted lens… the lens of belief. It is our beliefs that color everything we see and […]

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A Message from the Universe

A Message from the Universe AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE YOU ARE LOVED! There is nothing you need to do No test you have to pass No pre-requisites to fulfill No one to impress and certify you Absolutely nothing is required of you YOU ARE LOVED This love costs nothing Asks nothing Wants nothing from you Change nothing Fix nothing Alter nothing YOU ARE LOVED Whatever you think you have to do in the future... you don't Whatever you think you are missing... you aren't Whatever you did or thought in the past... it's irrelevant YOU ARE LOVED There is no negotiating this There is no discounting There are no concessions or compromise with this It is absolute Final Done Written in stone YOU ARE LOVED END OF URGENT MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE All messages arise from the same source. A voice deep within us, It is only [...]

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The Meaning of Easter

The Meaning of Easter Bunnies, chocolate, colored eggs. Sounds a whole lot more like the rites of spring than the death and resurrection of a sage (LOL). And that is exactly what it is. Don't get me wrong I love easter. I love springtime. But the deep meaning and import of the story of the death and resurrection of Christ is deeply profound and full of meaning... if you know where to look. In this video I explore that deep, spiritual meaning. Not the historical part. Not the religious part. But the the profound symbolism it carries. To put it in a simple phrase, it represents the death of the ego (the imaginary sense of identity) and the revelation of the true nature of "I". That is, the great and only I Am. The spiritual path requires a deep understanding of the actual nature of ourselves, others and [...]

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The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought A thought can make you joyful or cast you into a dark hole Thoughts possess a power for humans They can liberate us from suffering Or bind us to misery So control your thoughts That is the mantra of modern psychology and self-help Perhaps you have tried: ​​​​​​​Visualizations, affirmations, positive self-talk They don’t work for long... if at all And there is a simple reason Thought is not produced by will It is produced by conditioning Conditioning is impervious to will but… ​​​​​​​There is good news It is not impervious to love… nothing is The simplest act of love can undo a mountain of conditioning And what is the simplest act of love? Allowing yourself to feel To simply allow is to become the lover Everything resists control Everything responds to love Try it yourself When a feeling arises today… any feeling Just be with [...]

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Spiritual Revolutionary

Spiritual Revolutionary I have given away all my time My energy ​​​​​​​My solitude ​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​The events of today have demanded all of it from me ​​​​​​​But it was I who gave it away ​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​The world never stops asking ​​​​​​​If I give it will ask for more ​​​​​​​It will never say “Thank you. That’s enough” ​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​So if you want to have your time, your energy, your solitude ​​​​​​​You must take it back ​​​​​​​You must become a spiritual revolutionary ​​​​​​​You must become the master of your own house ​​​​​​​The star of your own movie  ​​​​​​​ The world (that is, friends, family, coworkers, entertainers, marketers, advertisers, retailers, politicians, preachers and anyone else who believes they deserve what you have) will not like it ​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​They may even be offended ​​​​​​​“How dare you think of you?” ​​​​​​​But, this is a revolution ​​​​​​​And you are the conqueror, the conquered and the [...]

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To Touch the Hand of God

To Touch the Hand of God “Where the eye falls it beholds the face of God” - Sufi saying I reached out to touch the hand of the infinite I looked and saw the hand of my beloved Where do we find the hand of God, the wondrous? Where do we see the face of the miraculous, the transcendent? Right here Right next to us Right in front of us In the face of that which we love Touch the hand of that which we hold dear The divine is in that touch There is no reason, no need to reach out to the stars To stretch beyond the heavens No necessity in expanding beyond To the outer reaches of space and time It is right here In that love That bathes what it loves In the light of its own love And sees in the light [...]

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