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Life Without Thought

Life Without Thought Is that even possible? All day is filled with thoughts ​​​​​​​They say 72,000 ​​​​​​​I don’t know who counted… or how… or why… ​​​​​​​But there it is ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​I want to suggest an experiment for you to try ​​​​​​​As you go through your day, notice what is happening ​​​​​​​Then notice your thoughts about what is happening ​​​​​​​They are not the same ​​​​​​​One is real ​​​​​​​One is not ​​​​​​​ I am not suggesting you try to change your thought ​​​​​​​Or improve it ​​​​​​​Or visualize what you want ​​​​​​​Or any of that ​​​​​​​ Just notice ​​​​​​​ Then just try to see without a thought ​​​​​​​Smell the flower without labeling it ​​​​​​​Feel the wind without describing it ​​​​​​​Hold a hand and feel the thrill without anything extra added ​​​​​​​Just that ​​​​​​​And then notice how that feels ​​​​​​​ I think you will find that it is very quiet there ​​​​​​​That there [...]

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The Integrated Life

The Integrated Life Work~Home~Family~Love~Money~Success~Responsibility Community~Contribution~Spirituality~Service~Fun~Me Time Meaning~Purpose~The Laundry~Bills~Romance Our lives seem to be little more that a constantly shifting costume change. All of these are important. All need to get attention. If any one is neglected for long, we feel the consequences.Yet some seem to demand more than their fair share. And often the greedy ones are the ones that mean the least to us. Is there a way to integrate all of these into a sense of wholeness? Is there a way to balance and reconcile all these disparate demands. necessities and desires? The only way I know to regain equilibrium and sovereignty in our own lives is to return to the center. Even the largest, fastest moving wheel is spinning around an unmoving hub. Moreover, wheels do not spin themselves. They are turned by a power emanating from that very same unmoving hub. What is that hub? You! What is that turning [...]

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To Truly See Yourself Live

To Truly See Yourself Live This video is the complete replay of the live class GP did on Tuesday the 21st of March. It was an amazing exploration of the true self and a discovery of the false self that we have wrongly believed ourselves to be. It included 2 very powerful meditations and deep inner inquiry that: Demonstrated the twofold path of MasterHEART Balanced energies that before seemed completely uncontrollable Reconciled with inner experiences that seemed irreconcilable Discovered that Life is felt not thought That the self image is just that an image and not the reality And so much more Enjoy the video and we hope you will be inspired to inquire more into the unique and powerful practice of Inner Reconciliations Want to download and listen instead? Click here for the audio only version. For a limited time GP is offering a super discount on the entire Inner Reconciliation training for [...]

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School Is Over

School Is Over What if all the work you have done on yourself Has finally paid off You’re done All the requirements have been met Prerequisites accounted for Tests passed You have earned your advanced degree You are done with the schooling All your work has come to fruition And there is nothing left to do or attain We spend so much time in self-improvement We have come to expect it to be perpetual It’s not There is a time when all the work is done That time is now Bask in your success School is over For good Join in a FREE LIVE CLASS "TO TRULY SEE YOURSELF" this Tuesday March 21st at 3pm. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER [fbcomments]

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To Truly See Yourself Live Class Promo

To Truly See Yourself Live Class I really believe that the awakened individual can move mountains and change the course of history. The key is having the courage to truly see yourself. To be willing to question assumptions, confront very cherished beliefs and look closely as what is accepted as conventional wisdom. Obviously, conventional wisdom isn't very wise because it has not made like better for almost all of us. On the contrary, it has brought us to the verge of self-extinction. So I decided to do a free class to address this at the deepest possible level. The image we hold of ourselves. I don't think it's rocket science to realize that the image we hold of ourselves is the most influential factor in the creation of our lives. And that goes for individuals, communities, nations, religions culture. Everything we do individually and collectively is driven by the [...]

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You’re NOT Broken Live Class

You're NOT Broken Live Class This video is the complete replay of the live class GP did on Thursday the 16th of March. As promised, in the class he clearly demonstrated in this class how to: REALLY GET why it is an absolute fact that there is nothing wrong with you REALLY GET how your life has been a self-fulfilling prophecy (and how to redirect it) REALLY GET that you are NOT your conditioning (and begin your de-programming) REALLY GET that you are worthy and capable of every dream, desire and aspiration you have Enjoy the video and we hope you will consider taking up the study and training of Inner Reconciliation. Want to download and listen instead? Click here for the audio only version. For a limited time GP is offering a super discount on the entire Inner Reconciliation training for both first time buyers and upgraded. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE [...]

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Genuine Self Love

Genuine Self Love I don't mean some ideal, spiritual notion of perfect love. I mean loving yourself, right here, right now, just the way you are, warts and all! For most that seems an impossible task. But I say not only is it possible, it is inevitable.  Reconciliation is the remedy for inner conflict which is the cause of all human suffering. In fact, I assert that the only reason you are not totally delighted with yourself right now is that you have mistaken your conditioning for yourself. All the beliefs, behaviors, thoughts feelings and association, that now cause you to dislike yourself, were all added later! None of those are original equipment. And, when you see yourself, in your original, pristine innocence, you will not have to learn to accept yourself, you will fall immediately and hopelessly in love. Join in a FREE LIVE CLASS "You're [...]

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The Worst Thing To Do In Relationship

The Worst Thing To Do In Relationship What is the worst thing you can possibly do in a relationship? Try to fix them! Instead of actually communicating (which means listening to what they have to say without preparing your next pronouncement) we take a position, hold it and try to prove why it is right. That is the death knoll for even the best of relationships. It is no different when you are doing inner work and seeking personal and spiritual freedom. We don't listen to our own feelings. Instead we take a position and try to silence them. In this short video, I try to introduce the idea of Inner Reconciliation and how applying the same openness and love towards yourself as you would in a relationship brings about a deep and lasting inner healing and transformation. The Inner Reconciliation Training Suite is now available [...]

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Origins and Destinies

Origins and Destinies We humans spend so much time with our eyes to the future and to the past, believing that our destiny lies ahead and our origin behind. Tell me! Does the origin of the scene in the movie originate in the previous scene? Is it the cause of the next one? Is not this scene, the one being viewed in this moment, being projected, in real time, from a source completely outside the film's narrative? The true origin and destiny of the scene is not in the movie at all. It is in the projector. The generator of all scenes. No matter how long and far we search for an origin and destiny in the movie, we will find none. The characters in the story cannot conspire in secret against the author. Your origin lies not in the past, nor does your destiny lie in the future. Everything originates and ends in the [...]

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Love Is the Light

Love Is the Light Love is the emanation, the fragrance of your True Self Like the light emerges effortlessly and inevitably from the sun and illuminates everything it touches Like the fragrance arises effortlessly and inevitably from the rose and blesses everything it touches Even so love, the fragrance of your true Self, the emanation of being, arises naturally effortlessly,  from the great heart of absolute being This absolute being is not distant. It is not abstract. It is your very Self! Turn your gaze within for just a moment. Are you not being? Are you not what is? Can you separate your being from THE BEING? Even so, can you separate your love from THE LOVE? When we look directly at the sun, we see not the sun, but the light emanating from it. And yet that light carries the perfect image of the original Oh dear friends, know yourself as Love [...]

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