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Are We All Connected?

Are We All Connected? It is a very popular thing to say these days. We are all connected We are all one We are all energy But let's take a closer look. You can't make 2 into 1. Nobody can. So if we start with 2, even with the best connection imaginable, you still have 2. It may be paper thin but there is still a gap,  a disconnect, a separation. Is there a solution? Yes, there is. We are not 2 trying to become 1. We are one being, merely appearing as many. The monthly Satsang Retreat is happening Tuesday February 28th at 2:30pm (EST). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER [fbcomments]

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Eating the Menu

Eating the Menu ​​​​​​​Have you ever gone into a restaurant, ripped out a delicious looking picture of your favorite dish and stuffed it into your mouth. Of course not! Yet that is exactly what we do almost all the time. We settle for the picture and not the thing. Life is not a concept. it's not a selfie or a YouTube video. It is felt, tasted, smelled and relished. If I taste an orange I need no one explain it to me. Stop for a moment and just take in the incredible reality of your mysterious existence. The effortless awareness that is constantly present. The richness of this moment. All real and all right here. Not concepts, not pictures, not ideas, not a post on Facebook but the real thing. And when you are tasting the real thing, do you need to describe it? Do you need a picture of it? Stop settling for concepts [...]

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The Space/Time of Love

The Space/Time of Love Whether you love or are loved ​​​​​​​Whether it comes from you or though you or to you ​​​​​​​No matter the source or direction ​​​​​​​Is it not all love? Is not the space in Asia the same space as in North America? ​​​​​​​Is not it the same space through which the sun and all its tiny companions move? ​​​​​​​Does not the same space contain the entire universe? ​​​​​​​And perhaps universes upon universes? Even so is there any differentiation in love? ​​​​​​​Any boundaries? ​​​​​​​Any outline? Is there not One Heart pulsating life through out all space and time?Has love changed, morphed, mutated? ​​​​​​​Worlds come and go but love remains forever I look into your face and I see the face of love looking back at me ​​​​​​​Then I realize that it is love that is looking at you [fbcomments]

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Your Inevitable Awakening

Your Inevitable Awakening Awakening is NOT a matter of choice. It is a matter of destiny. From the time we are born we are conditioned. Our delicate minds imprisoned within the narrow confines of beliefs and atitudes, rights and wrongs, the acceptabel and the unacceptable And yet, despite that, somehow, the truth of who you is never touched. Is never lost. To awaken does not mean to gain anything or become anything. It means to realize who you have always been. As such it is not a matter of choice, or growth, or the result of some process. It is inevitable. Every feeling that there is more. Every impusle towards self-improvement. Every desire for goodness and every impulse of compassion is the call of the True Self. At first it doesn't seem that way. Seen through the eyes of the conditioned mind it seems like a simple desire for a better [...]

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You’re NOT What You Think

You're NOT What You Think The quality of our thinking and beliefs determine the quality of our lives! Absolutely true. No one (at least in personal development) disputes that. That fact has saved countless lives and has changed the landscape of the world. But... Are you just your thoughts? Can anything you are thinking capture who you are? Who is having the thoughts? Obviously, the one having the thoughts is NOT a thought? You are NOT what you think. So WHO ARE YOU? I now have available a free audio/vdeo class called "From Delusion To Awakening." This class is a penetrating exploration of the process of awakening and how to walk on the spiritual path. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR "FROM DELUSION TO AWAKENING" [fbcomments]

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Every End Is A Beginning

Shiva's Wheel Every ending is a beginning And every beginning an end Nothing is static Indeed, nothing can be Life is nothing but the formless and changeless Dancing as the forming and changing We love the form but distrust the formless reality that gives it life Yet that and that alone creates what we love To all of our loves time says, “All this belongs to me.” And so it is that to time, the great devourer, We and all we hold dear, eventually must surrender Yet there is one thing which even time does not possess One thing that Shiva’s wheel does not touch That, to which even life and death appear That which is the very ground of existence and the primary experience Being itself Overlooked and under valued, the simple presence of your own beingness Before this great Seer, even time surrenders The birthless and [...]

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There Is No Death

There Is No Death What is it that dies? Not you. We only fear death because we mistake the transient and temporary for ourselves. In tis video I read and comment on a beautiful and stirring poem by Rumi. Let your heart feel the freedom of immorality in this simple and short video I now have available a free audio/vdeo class called "From Delusion To Awakening." This class is a penetrating exploration of the process of awakening and how to walk on the spiritual path. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR "FROM DELUSION TO AWAKENING" [fbcomments]

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What Is Awakening?

What Is Awakening? We are hearing this word "Awakening" quite a bit lately. It is a fitting word for our times when, despite all the horrific events that are occurring there is some kind of a Renaissance happening as well. So what does it mean to awaken? There is a big, big difference between awakening to some piece of valuable information and spiritual awakening. We have ah-ha moments, deep insights into the nature of things. But spiritual awakening is about a deep and penetrating insight in the eternal subject. That means you. You are NOT what you think you are. If that is the case (and it is) what then are you? That is the question that spirituality addresses and answers. But, unlike objective knowledge, mere conceptualization and insight isn't enough. So how then does someone "wake up" to their true nature? In this video I talk about just that. [...]

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Love Is Inevitable

Love Is Inevitable The greatest challenge of our time is to love when others fear. To meet cursing with blessing, cruelty with kindness, hatred with acceptance. The great delusion of our time is that love is weak, even powerless. True, it has little political clout. The affairs of the world run on fear and aggression. But is that really power? Fear can only survive in the absence of love. The power that is Love lies not in its ability to control, it lies in the inevitability of its embrace. It lies in the simple fact that it is is our very nature and the return to it is what we all crave. Even if we had all the world's treasures, controlled all its resources, silenced all opposition and had not love, we would have gained nothing. The pulsing, relentless craving would continue. To forget love is to go insane. To [...]

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The One World View… Love

The One World View... Love I have a very simple outlook on things One simple philosophy It is the same for my politics, economics, business practices, consumer choices It is the same for my religion, my relationships, my community and world view It is always the same It is love Love is the great equalizer, the great peacemaker. Not because it is a skilled negotiator But because it is a relentless appreciator It has no desire for anything to be other than who or what it is So everything is welcome in this benevolent space It is open and unbounded It has no closed borders or locked doors It fears no one and nothing Without fear, it has no enemies Love is expansive It makes no rules for affection It has no filters on its eyes In its infinite consideration, it is wisdom and intelligence that knows no limits [...]

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