Change is the only constant. Paradoxical and true!

If I could sum up the essence of the teaching that facilitates the most peace and relieves the most suffering it would be this.

Stop pushing against the river and let it take you where it is going.

The height of human ignorance and therefore arrogance is the notion that somehow we can control everything… and that we should.

it is, of course, natural for us to want things to stay the same. The human nervous system is a stability seeking device. But it is also totally adaptable.

Change is never comfortable. That is the point.

Discomfort is what you feel when you are evolving into something higher, greater, freer.

It is to be embraced, not resisted.

The river has to flow. The bird has to fly. The flower needs to reach for the sun. And you need to reach for the stars.

Every stretching out of the hand, into the unknown, is a letting go of the shore of the river.

Stretch out both hands and leave the shore forever.

Do you know where you are headed? No, but the truth is you never did and you never will and you have no need to know.

You did not bring yourself to this point and you won’t bring yourself to the next.

When you flow with the river you become one with the river.

Then you realize that you are not just someone with a life to get through.

You are life itself.

It requires but a small, yet profound, shift in perception to go from being resistant to life to being in the flow. And in the flow is where all the happiness is. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE