The true mystic is dangerous.

That is, they are dangerous to assumptions and the status quo.

But, let’s face it, those assumptions have not delivered on their promise. That is pretty much self-evident.

The mystic tells the truth to power. In some cultures they called them prophets but the reality of them is the same, no matter the name.

They go beyond the vested interests  and entrenched ideas and systems and plumb the depths of being in the name of truth. The truth that is subordinate to no position or power.

And they find it.

But it is inevitable, when they return from their deep inquiry with their boons of wisdom and insight, that those insights vary so radically from the structures of entrenched power that they are dismissed, marginalized and sometimes meet rather unpleasant fates.

None the less, they remain committed to truth. Which is, of course, the only sane position a human being can take.

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