Life Without Thought

Is that even possible?
All day is filled with thoughts
​​​​​​​They say 72,000
​​​​​​​I don’t know who counted… or how… or why…
​​​​​​​But there it is
​​​​​​​I want to suggest an experiment for you to try
​​​​​​​As you go through your day, notice what is happening
​​​​​​​Then notice your thoughts about what is happening
​​​​​​​They are not the same
​​​​​​​One is real
​​​​​​​One is not
I am not suggesting you try to change your thought
​​​​​​​Or improve it
​​​​​​​Or visualize what you want
​​​​​​​Or any of that
Just notice
Then just try to see without a thought
​​​​​​​Smell the flower without labeling it
​​​​​​​Feel the wind without describing it
​​​​​​​Hold a hand and feel the thrill without anything extra added
​​​​​​​Just that
​​​​​​​And then notice how that feels
I think you will find that it is very quiet there
​​​​​​​That there is nothing missing
​​​​​​​Nothing needed
​​​​​​​You are living without thought
​​​​​​​And everything you could ever want is there waiting for you