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The One World View… Love

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The One World View... Love I have a very simple outlook on things One simple philosophy It is the same for my politics, economics, business practices, consumer choices It is the same for my religion, my relationships, my community and world view It is always the same It is love Love is the great equalizer, the great peacemaker. Not because it is a skilled negotiator But because it is a relentless appreciator It has no desire for anything to be other than who or what it is So everything is welcome in this benevolent space It is open and unbounded It has no closed borders or locked doors It fears no one and nothing Without fear, it has no enemies Love is expansive It makes no rules for affection It has no filters on its eyes In its infinite consideration, it is wisdom and intelligence that knows no limits [...]

Anchoring Happiness

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Anchoring Happiness If we really want to experience lasting and permanent happiness (and who doesn't), it only makes sense to seek it in that which is permanent and last and not in that which is impermanent and temporary. Yet, seeking it in the impermanent is exactly what we are almost always doing. As for the permanent and lasting, for most of us, we don't have any idea where such a place might even be, let alone be able to anchor ourselves there. Well there IS such a a place and, in fact, you are experiencing it all the time. As a matter of fact, it is the very act of experiencing that is the key to understanding it. In this video i invite you to start looking at the most obvious place there is, our own, unchanging, permanent aware consciousness.   I am going to be doing [...]

What Is Satsang?

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What Is Satsang? Satsang With G YouTube LiveStream (Every Month) Next Satsang Sunday, January 23rd 4pm (EST) HERE IS THE YOUTUBE LINK Click Here To Be Sent A Reminder The way to truly understand any subject is to probe all of our assumptions about the subject, removing them, sometimes one by one sometimes all at once. When all our false assumptions are gone, what remains is the pure truth. To do this usually requires the aid of an experienced teacher, engaging you though dialog and Q&A. This way of discovering the deepest truth has been practiced for millennia: In the west it was known as philosophy and was typified in the Socratic dialogs. In Buddhism it was known as Dokusan, the conversation between the Master and the monk. In the Indian tradition it is known as Satsang. In this video I explain the whole point and purpose of Satsang, [...]

So You Want To Manifest More Stuff

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So You Want To Manifest More Stuff In order to manifest anything you must first deal with a paradox. You know, one of those true things that seems so strange it just can't be true... but is? Yeah, one of those. And here it is. In order to manifest anything you must first get to the mental and emotional place where you don't care if you manifest it or not. What? Are you kidding? Yeah, that is actually how it works. So, after the initial shock and disbelief of that wear off, take a peak at my video where I try to make sense of it. It isn't as crazy as it sounds. In fact, it makes so much sense you may even laugh when you get it. Starting January 23rd , I am going to be doing regular Satsangs on YouTube Live Stream and, starting in February, [...]

Are You Truly Happy?

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Are You Truly Happy? It's not a trick question. I'm not going to make any kind of interesting or clever comeback. I am not trying to get your attention and then give you some elaborate process. It's a question we all must answer. Are you happy? And, it is a yes or no question. If the answer is no, then why? Have we become so used to struggle that we don't think anything other than a temporary elations is the best we can hope for? Is happiness just a state of being out of misery for a minute? Is it just something that happens when I get what I want... until the next thing I want comes along? Very wise people have said, throughout all time, happiness lies within! If that is true, isn't that the thing we should be considering every day. Pondering. Meditating over. I made a [...]

The Mind Has Failed… Big Time

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The Mind Has Failed... Big Time We are pretty much conditioned to focus our attention on the things we want to manifest. We are marketed to death to get us to "satisfy" our desires by buying the latest gadget or designer brand of clothing or toy or even spiritual book or course. But we rarely look at at whether or not that strategy has actually worked. Perhaps we are going about this backwards. What if the key to satisfying a desire lay right at the heart of the desire itself? The mind thinks it knows how to satisfy desires. but if it did, wouldn't we all be totally satisfied by now? Obviously, the mind and all it devotees marketing their hearts out, has totally failed at delivering the kind of full and satisfying life we all crave. Let's start looking in a different place. Click Here to Download a FREE [...]

The Yoga of Allowing

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The Yoga of Allowing It isn't a mystery really. We suffer not for the events in our lives, but for all of the ruminating and worrying and trying to figure out solutions. In other words, our minds spinning without finding any real solution. If we stop that spinning, there is a very good chance that a resolution to whatever it is that is facing you, will appear all on its own. Let GP guide you through a Yoga of Allowing exercise. You will see exactly how it works and actually feel a whole lot better.   CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE INTRO COURSE GP MENTIONS IN THE VIDEO   [fbcomments]

The Experience of Expansion

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The Experience of Expansion Expansion, growth, progress, transformation, development... we all have a deep desire to expand our boundaries. Yet, at the same time there is an equal and opposite energy of inertia that resists and often thwarts, even our best efforts at growth. We can fight with the energy of resistance but, if you do, you will lose. We need to come to understand it. If we do and then RECONCILE with it, the experience of expansion happens, naturally and fluidly. In this video GP discusses how to resolve this inner conflict and create the environment of expansion that takes our lives to the next level.   CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE INTRO COURSE GP MENTIONS IN THE VIDEO   [fbcomments]

Spiritual Resistance Training

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Spiritual Resistance Training We do not become stronger when things are easy. It is a simply fact of human nature that we have to be pressed in order to grow. In this video GP discusses how to embrace this fact and take the suffering out of the growing pains. [fbcomments]

Don’t Make Those Resolutions

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Don't Make Those Resolutions There is a fatal flaw in the whole practice of making New Year's Resolutions. A practice that is almost certain to fail, by the way. Unless something quite radical changes, the likelihood is high that the resolution won't last to January 8th. In the video I takes a close look at this and give a beautiful exercise to bring our real desires in line with our life. In so doing we realize more accomplishment and happiness. And we realize it right now..   [fbcomments]