Spiritual Revolutionary

I have given away all my time
My energy
​​​​​​​My solitude
​​​​​​​The events of today have demanded all of it from me
​​​​​​​But it was I who gave it away
​​​​​​​The world never stops asking
​​​​​​​If I give it will ask for more
​​​​​​​It will never say “Thank you. That’s enough”
​​​​​​​So if you want to have your time, your energy, your solitude
​​​​​​​You must take it back
​​​​​​​You must become a spiritual revolutionary
​​​​​​​You must become the master of your own house
​​​​​​​The star of your own movie 
The world (that is, friends, family, coworkers, entertainers, marketers, advertisers, retailers, politicians, preachers and anyone else who believes they deserve what you have) will not like it

​​​​​​​They may even be offended
​​​​​​​“How dare you think of you?”
​​​​​​​But, this is a revolution
​​​​​​​And you are the conqueror, the conquered and the territory
​​​​​​​Stop, right now
​​​​​​​Ask yourself 
​​​​​​​“What do I want?”
​​​​​​​“What do I need?”
​​​​​​​And give it yourself
​​​​​​​Even if only for a minute
​​​​​​​Revolutions are won in those moments

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