The Integrated Life

Spirituality~Service~Fun~Me Time
Meaning~Purpose~The Laundry~Bills~Romance

Our lives seem to be little more that a constantly shifting costume change. All of these are important. All need to get attention. If any one is neglected for long, we feel the consequences.Yet some seem to demand more than their fair share. And often the greedy ones are the ones that mean the least to us.

Is there a way to integrate all of these into a sense of wholeness? Is there a way to balance and reconcile all these disparate demands. necessities and desires?

The only way I know to regain equilibrium and sovereignty in our own lives is to return to the center.

Even the largest, fastest moving wheel is spinning around an unmoving hub. Moreover, wheels do not spin themselves. They are turned by a power emanating from that very same unmoving hub.

What is that hub? You! What is that turning power? You!

All the events of your life revolve around you. The “me” energy is what gives preference and attention to everything else. Without that “me” energy, nothing can be sustained because, nothing sustains itself. Everything requires your attention. Everything requires the energy that is generated from you, the hub.

So, the closer you are to the center, the closer you are to the source of all the power. In fact, you have never really left the center. You only believe you have. Your attention has focused on the spinning and not the hub. You have tried to use the mind instead of the heart to integrate and harmonize your life.

Attention is like a flashlight and can never see the whole. The mind divides and separates and can never integrate.

The heart IS the hub. And the heart is not merely that organ in your chest pumping blood. It is the very energy and flow of life.

All the actions and events of life converge at that hub, And that hub is you, the integration point of all things.

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