We have been dealing with the Dad God for several thousand years now.

Picturing divinity as essentially male has wreaked havoc on humanity. Why? Because we live out, in our actions, what we believe and so the world has become lopsided. We have become unforgiving absolutists rather than patient comforters.

And that has brought us to the precipice of disaster.

What is missing? What can redirect this ship?

The Mom God.

The world does not need more fathering. More enforcement of rules. More discipline. More hierarchy. More compliance at gunpoint.

It needs the wisdom of the feminine. It needs the touch of a mother.

I was working with several women (I was the only guy) doing event planning, for myself and others.

Frankly, I had almost nothing to contribute. I sat and watched these amazingly competent women doing easily what I would have struggled over… and probably never finished.

The patriarchal model has characterized the softness of women as weakness, their access to feeling as mere sentimentality and their willingness to cooperate as indecision.

A man can build a house. But only a woman can make it a home.

I know that those qualities live in every woman because I see them. So I for one am willing to say. The Dad God has driven this ship as far as he can (and he’s had too much to drink). I think Mom needs to drive home.

To put it in terms more easily understandable to most men. Guys, its time to give her the remote.

Happy Mom God Day

To really bring about a balancing of the genders and bring stability back to the world requires us coming to terms with the conflicting forces within ourselves. We require what I call Inner Reconciliation. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE