The Power of Thought

A thought can make you joyful or cast you into a dark hole
Thoughts possess a power for humans
They can liberate us from suffering
Or bind us to misery

So control your thoughts
That is the mantra of modern psychology and self-help
Perhaps you have tried:
​​​​​​​Visualizations, affirmations, positive self-talk
They don’t work for long… if at all
And there is a simple reason

Thought is not produced by will
It is produced by conditioning

Conditioning is impervious to will but…
​​​​​​​There is good news
It is not impervious to love… nothing is

The simplest act of love can undo a mountain of conditioning
And what is the simplest act of love?
Allowing yourself to feel
To simply allow is to become the lover
Everything resists control
Everything responds to love

Try it yourself
When a feeling arises today… any feeling
Just be with it
Just say yes to it
And watch what happens
Thought will change without control
And the benevolent, natural order of life will emerge
Thought will arise from love, not conditioning
​​​​​​​And that is the ultimate power

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