To Touch the Hand of God

“Where the eye falls it beholds the face of God” – Sufi saying

I reached out to touch the hand of the infinite
I looked and saw the hand of my beloved

Where do we find the hand of God, the wondrous?
Where do we see the face of the miraculous, the transcendent?
Right here
Right next to us
Right in front of us
In the face of that which we love

Touch the hand of that which we hold dear
The divine is in that touch

There is no reason, no need to reach out to the stars
To stretch beyond the heavens
No necessity in expanding beyond
To the outer reaches of space and time
It is right here
In that love

That bathes what it loves
In the light of its own love
And sees in the light of its own sight

How do we see God?
How do we touch the hand of the infinite?
With the same hand that touches that which is closest to us