To Truly See Yourself Live Class

I really believe that the awakened individual can move mountains and change the course of history.

The key is having the courage to truly see yourself. To be willing to question assumptions, confront very cherished beliefs and look closely as what is accepted as conventional wisdom.

Obviously, conventional wisdom isn’t very wise because it has not made like better for almost all of us. On the contrary, it has brought us to the verge of self-extinction.

So I decided to do a free class to address this at the deepest possible level. The image we hold of ourselves.

I don’t think it’s rocket science to realize that the image we hold of ourselves is the most influential factor in the creation of our lives. And that goes for individuals, communities, nations, religions culture.

Everything we do individually and collectively is driven by the self-image, including how we perceived others.

I invite you to join with me and explore within ourselves the most influential of all systems of belief. The belief I hold about myself.

Here is a video to explain it a bit more.


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