To Truly See Yourself Live

This video is the complete replay of the live class GP did on Tuesday the 21st of March.

It was an amazing exploration of the true self and a discovery of the false self that we have wrongly believed ourselves to be.

It included 2 very powerful meditations and deep inner inquiry that:

  • Demonstrated the twofold path of MasterHEART
  • Balanced energies that before seemed completely uncontrollable
  • Reconciled with inner experiences that seemed irreconcilable
  • Discovered that Life is felt not thought
  • That the self image is just that an image and not the reality
  • And so much more

Enjoy the video and we hope you will be inspired to inquire more into the unique and powerful practice of Inner Reconciliations

Want to download and listen instead? Click here for the audio only version.

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