Imagine you are asleep and having a wonderful dream.

In the dream you do all sorts of incredible things. You are even taller, richer and more beautiful than your “normal”.

Does that one you are in the dream wake up? Or does that one disappear with the dream?

We assume somehow that who we believe ourselves to be, right now, is going to to “wake up” to their true nature.

But, if this really is a dream, then the guy in the dream doesn’t wake up.

And, the one who is dreaming? Well she may bear no resemblance to the dream character.

So who is it that is dreaming? That is the question to ponder.

The one who does wake up and starts to speak to those of us who remain asleep we call the mystic, the prophet, the sage.

But is it not the destiny of every dream to end?

So, when your dream ends… who are you?

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